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Daily newspaper reading is a boring in that time, not much people who reading newspaper daily, why, why not everyone reading news in newspaper, why they reading news in mobile phones and t.v, because in this generation people quite sluggish, they are very lazy to do any work, collecting newspaper and open newspaper and reading news on paper is also a work, so people were doing these stuff in very slow way, so in this generation people never accept this process they read news on paper and mobile phone, everyone has a huge collection of data because of reliance jio everyone using jio sim in his or her smartphone, if they don't know about anything they directly search on google and get the answer of question, everyone parents also using smartphone because in this generation parents also develop like his son and daughter, so everyone using smartphone in this era,
So why people choosing the newspaper for reading news why don't choosing news on phone, so I have a huge collection of news Whatsapp group, you don't have to search news on google and any other news app, just get the latest news on your WhatsApp without searching on google

I have so many groups and links of news WhatsApp group so you can join at least 10 to 20 group, each group are different and different news channel so you must try every group for getting news,

And in this newsgroup nobody sharing adult things in newsgroup if they are doing then admin directly sending him or her message like a last warning and if they don't follow his warning then admin directly remove him from group and block him, so don't think to share these stuff in newsgroup because everyone sharing news in group and you are sharing adults in group so nobody accept you like that

Keep sharing news in a group, make your habit to aware people by spreading the news in a group, and never fight with group members, few groups are pdf so if you love to read the news in pdf then you can 

Daily reading news is a good thing to know more about Hindustan, if you join in any newsgroup then please share your news in group, don't just read and close your Whatsapp, share your news in group by collecting from google and wherever you got just share in group, and never share and viral fake news in group

People always love to read the news on a mobile phone that's why they use a mobile phone, most of the people use the only phone just to read the news, daily newspaper WhatsApp group link, newspaper WhatsApp group, newspaper pdf WhatsApp group, newspaper WhatsApp group,

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