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Hello, Guys Here I'm with a new group which is name is Randi WhatsApp group, first, we talk what is Randi, and who is Randi, basically, Randi is a Hindi word and in English, we call as a prostitute, and I' know everyone knows whos we call it, prostitute, here I'm going to listing few Randi whatsapp join link, hope everyone loves our prostitute group

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when people don't have any girlfriend, then they searching prostitute number on google, don't worry guys, you don't waste your time by searching prostitute number, here you can see in the group so many prostitutes, and you can take her for 1 night by paying 500 to 1000 Rs amount, you can choose your best randi in our WhatsApp group and have fun with her full night without condom

if you are searching prostitute number on google, you can't get a genuine result, but here you can get so many girls but they are using not her real number, these are using WhatsApp from fake numbers, but it doesn't matter you can pay her amount after the sex, don't try to pay anyone by online transaction

and you will see in group so many boys also, who are just to look like a boy, but they are not genuine boy, I know everyone heard the word of gay, yes gay, in this group so any gays also join prostitute group, just to get any boys, and if you are found any gay in our group, then you can fuck him and give him penis in his mouth without paying any money, gay loves to do this shits without taking any rewards, so without wasting your time join our group which I'm going to list below

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