Love & Sad Shayari - Urdu Poetry Whatsapp Group Link

Love and Sad Shayari is the way to relief your emotions, emotion of love can change the breath feelings, everyone needs alcoholic feelings when they feel love for the partner, feelings of love really something different for this generation, people really feel happy when they have partnered for life, they enjoyed and also sharing feelings to his partner, and when people don't have any for share her emotion, its very painful for her, so make a good friend who loves you more, than a good partner.

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Urdu Shayari Whatsapp group link
Today I'm going to share a few Whatsapp group which are name is Urdu poetry Whatsapp group,
Urdu Adab Whatsapp group link, Urdu Shayari Whatsapp group link, Urdu poetry Whatsapp group link, here you can see the one word is similar in every group that is Urdu, enjoy in the group because most of the people are Muslim and they share most of the lines in Urdu, its very tough for Indian people to understand Urdu words, no problem man if  people using Urdu words in their group, you have a translator, you can translate those words in Hindi and English

this group is only created for Shayari people, who can write Shayari itself and all the words his own, they will definitely join this group and share his ideas to them. if every one people choosing the same group than every Shayari people left the group, you know why, because when every one joining the same group they will share anything, unrelated from the group, that is very bad things for everyone, so stop texting anything in their group, pick your related group, and then after send whatever you want to be related from the topics

choosing the right group is a great way to increase the number of people, only Shayari people share Shayari in group, and adult group only made for sharing adult videos, links groups only made for URL links, so please if you are doing and sending anything in Whatsapp group than every one leave the group one by one

So without wasting your time, now sharing these group for Shayari people, and these group not only for Shayari people, anyone Muslim people can join this but share only Shayari in these group

Urdu Shayari and Poetry Whatsapp Group Links

Whatsapp group rules

  1. Never try to abuse anyone in Whatsapp group, if you have a problem with anyone, then you can text him directly in his inbox
  2. don't share your earning links in their group, if does, then admin directly remove you from the group
  3. don't try to direct message to any girls
  4. be friendly for everyone in their group
  5. never share porn links in any group, only share porn links in porn group, if you are doing such things then admin directly remove you and everyone may be blocked you
  6. don't direct messages to anyone

I know you loved all the group which I shared here, all the groups are only for Shayari, don't to try to join porn links sharing man, because its a most embarrassing for those who only join these group for reading Shayari and poetry, don't make people embarrassed by doing these activities

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