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Hello everyone here it's me the founder of freewhatsappgroup back again with the new fresh Pakistani Whatsapp group links, today I'm going to share some Whatsapp group which is not from Indian, it's from Pakistan and all the members are there from Pakistan, so if you like it Pakistan Whatsapp group then definitely join otherwise up to you, I put below few more groups which are only from India and every Indian in their group, you must join Indian group because you know how comedy scenes presented all the time, everyone laugh in their group without any reason and that was the fun part in group, but today I decided to make a blog about Pakistan Whatsapp group so its here and after a few minutes later, I will publish this and every Indian hating this hahaha, sorry friends that are comedy don't take it seriously. so here finally the group has come and most of the Indian wants to join the group, so this is only for you, and here you find some new and fresh group and all the number of Indians who wanted to join on Pakistan Whatsapp group, please don't spam in their group, be friendly towards people and never try to spam them, if does, then definitely admin blocked you, and share your laughing stuff, they will also share himself

pakistani whatsapp groups links, pakistan whatsapp group

the name is Pakistan Whatsapp group that doesn't mean every one Muslim, only few Muslim in a group and few of them are Indians, so don't make your fight between the country, be respectful to everyone, make a good friend in the group and spread love

Now the time has come, and I'm going to share Whatsapp group of Pakistan, The group is divided into each category, but I put each group in the same section, so don't be confused 

Pakistan Whatsapp group

I have got a few Whatsapp group on my Whatsapp which are only from Pakistan, everyone sending fresh Whatsapp group in my Whatsapp number, So I have got an idea for creating an article about Pakistan Whatsapp group, Join all the Whatsapp group which I'm going to list below because all the groups are fresh, and created a few days ago
Now, these also Pakistan groups but its bit older now, so dont get angry for this I will mention few more Whatsapp groups of Pakistan as soon as possible, but for today it is a huge number of a Group so visit in every group and make their crowd happy

Join all the group one by one, and also share this article with your friends, who really need the group of pakistan, and dont try to share your links in their group because everyone irritated for this

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